Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Proud Janny Restaurant & Cafe

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About two weeks ago, Proud Janny Restaurant & Cafe invited some media and food bloggers to their new premise in conjunction with the launch of the Slow Food campaign. 

Proud Janny is the brainchild of Chef Ryan and his partner Shafiq Kong; together with their core team of Chef Janet and Chef Loke,  this artisan restaurant serves up some innovative Asian fusion food that takes the norm out of your routine weekday lunch. 

Located at the Weld, KL

Typical lunch crowd

I love the raw, industrial look of the restaurant. 

The interior is designed around a theme of steel, wood and muted colours; there is exposed ceilings, walls lined with raw steel and red bricks. Recyclable items were utilised eg. seat covers made out of gunny sacks.  It is warm, Mid Western America, and Rustic Australia all combined.

Our meet-up coincided with the Slow Food campaign, jointly organised by BTC Wholesale Centre and nourish! Magazine to introduce the concept of Slow Food.  The campaign was held in the concourse of the Weld KL, directly in front of the entrance of Proud Janny.  Crowds packed the event, checking out the interesting booths and product promotions by the various suppliers. 

Delicious fruit-and-nut granola from our blogger friend
Shannon of Just As Delish

Ever since I attended the media preview on organic food back in December 2012, hubby and I have been trying to incorporate a more organic diet into our lifestyle.  And so when hubby spied the Opika booth displaying various food items that were in our usual diet, he almost bought up the entire stall!  I had to tell the booth staff (only half in jest) not to sell him anymore items LOL.

Shaury's range of herbs and spices

Chef Ryan and his team served us several of their signature Peranakan dishes: 

Appetizer : Crystal Bread with Salmon and Mango Kerabu

A unique appetizer that totally tantalizes the tastebuds

Chef Loke explaining how the crystal bread is  made

Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik

Love the rich and pungent percik sauce

Sunkiss rice with tamarind prawns, chicken lobak, sambal hebe

Herbs baked free-range chicken leg

Some of Proud Janny's popular cakes:

Piedmont Chocolate and Hazelnut

Dark Chocolate cake

And their signature item - Salted Caramel Through and Through.
This one was awesome - you just have to try it to know what I mean.

Video screen grab of Chef Ryan with us bloggers

Video screen grab of bloggers and Li Sah from BTC

To watch the  short video on the Slow Food event and Proud Janny, click on the link here:

Thanks to Proud Janny, Shannon of Just As Delish and BTC for the invite to this event.  Now I know another good place to hang out for some good food whenever I am in KL!

Proud Janny Restaurant and Cafe is located at :
LG-08, Lower Ground Floor,
The Weld, No. 76 Jalan Raja Chulan
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03.2022.1519


  1. We do it nice and rough ?! Love it lol The food looks great esp the salmon and mango kerabu and the rice with ayam percik ! Really interested in that crystal bread :D

    1. Now now Anne....LOL! Yea that crystal bread with salmon and kerabu was awesome and very unique. The crystal bread texture is quite similar to yau char kwai - holey and airy, and chewy. Very nice.


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