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More on Hong Kong food - Lunch at Super Star Restaurant

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When we were in Hong Kong recently over the New Year holidays, hubby's client L and J, both of whom are based there took us out for a sumptuous dim sum lunch at Super Star Seafood Restaurant.

It is a very popular restaurant, and since we didnt get a chance to have a meal there when we were in HK a few months earlier, this time we went early to queue and make sure we get a table.  Yes, in Hong Kong it is very common to find people queuing up at popular restaurants. At Super Star, one is alloted a code based on the total pax and then assigned to the right table accordingly. There is an electronic monitor at the front counter to show the code and sequence.

 A is for tables that seat 5-6 pax, B is for tables of 4-5 pax ...

Super Star is located at the top floor ie Level 6 of the Grand Century Plaza, which is the tower adjacent to the Royal Plaza Hotel, smack in the centre of Kowloon.  It is flanked by Nathan Road, Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok MRT Station and Bute Street, so there is plenty of action all around.  The famous Langham Place is also just minutes away.

Ever since the SARS outbreak, food hygiene standards in HK has improved considerably; most fine dining restaurants now provide two pairs of chopsticks for each diner - the black one is for taking the food from the shared dish and the white one is to eat the food.  No cross contamination or friendly sharing of germs.  

Needless to say, we had a feast for lunch.  L and J ordered a mixture of familiar items as well as some unique dishes that we don't find in Malaysia.  


They served us these snacks of fried whitebait and peanuts before the meal - so addictive. i couldn't stop munching.  

Here's a roundup of the delicious dishes that we had:-
Spicy Szechuan Style Steamed Chicken
A cold dish, very appetizing - a combination of spicy, savoury and tangy flavours.  

Salt and pepper deep fried fish with vinegar dip

Steamed Beancurd Skin with Filling in Superior Long Stock

This was so good!  I love how the soup oozes out each time i bite into the beancurd skin roll. Total yums!

A big bowl of yee fu seafood noodle soup with prawns and mushrooms - for the kid. He chomped down half the bowl.       

My son was quite enamoured by these cute little guys, so Aunty L ordered a serving for him.   Unfortunately they looked nicer than they taste. I thought they had sweet fliings, but turned out they had some tiny pieces of minced meat encased in a thick and rather dry floury pau batter. My son took two bites and announced "Not nice". Oops.

A mix platter of Siu Mai and Har Kow - big juicy prawns and roe.

Fried glutinous rice with chinese sausages, egg and  - full of wok hei.  Very fragrant and flavourful.  I am not a big fan of glutinus rice, but this was yummy. 

This was my favourite - Stewed Piglet Trotters with Hard Boiled Egg.  The trotters were melt in the mouth tender, minimal fat and the flesh was sweet and soft.  The gravy was absolutely delicious; i might just have asked for a bowl of steam rice if i wasnt already so full. 


Braised Goose Wings - also pretty delicious, but i just couldnt do it justice by this point.  

Total damage: HK$ 621.  That translated to around RM300.  Yes, eating out in HK is generally expensive, especially in upper scale restaurants.  The same food might cost just around/under RM200 in a similar category of restaurant in Malaysia, but i doubt you'd get the same quality of food.  So in that sense, it is money well worth spent.  You do get what you pay for at Super Star (except maybe the lions :P)



  1. The dim sum fare looks pretty atypical. I remember queuing up for another famous dim sum place in HK, Maxim's. that was pretty good too.

    1. I havent tried Maxim's, that would be our next dim sum destination for our next HK trip.

  2. Esther, my tummy is growling very loudly! I am very hungry and thought I pop by to see what you were up to. And now I am even hungrier! Fantastic food, eh? Those two buns are really cute especially the second one. Too bad they were not good to eat.

    1. yea those buns were disappointing, tastewise. but the rest of the food more than makes up for it.

  3. Wow Esther! That's a very good meal!

    I would love to try that piglet trotters too! What abot the panda pau? Also not nice like the Lion?

    1. Alvin, we didn't try the panda pau, but the piglet trotters, oh my!

  4. Hi Esther,

    I'm attracted too to the lion and panda buns. They look really cute but sad that they are actually not very tasty...

    I think I would rather eat the salt and pepper deep fried fish with vinegar dip. My son and I love eating fish and vinegar!


    1. Hi Zoe, that was my first time eating S&P fish with vinegar - it was very appetizing! Reminds me a bit of the aussie fish and chips with vinegar - YUM! Too bad we din't have this combo in malaysia, just S&P ribs or squid on its own.

  5. Wah piglet trotters... I wanna try. Actually if I was there, I would have ordered those cute buns too... cos my kids will keep asking for it until I do. Haha!

    1. Haha Yen, i actually thought of you and your kids when we saw these cute paus, coz i remembered you wrote about something similar in one of your post.


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