Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dining with Princess Fa Ying

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Everyone's talking about Fa Ying - the latest sister outlet by Rama V, serving Thai fusion meals and Thai inspired tapas.  I found out that the day after we dined there, the popular food and travelogue program host, Angel Wong - did a segment at Fa Ying.

Located at the Boulevard section of Paradigm Mall, the restaurant has a rustic chic design, with lots of dark wooden furniture, accented by splashes of colour from the cushions and decoratives.

Chilling out at the alfresco area

Hubby and I had an enjoyeable meal here, using our discount cash voucher for ala-carte meals (instead of a set meal voucher - having learned our lesson here ;P )

If you have also bought a discount voucher, the management is rather sticky about making at least a one-day advance reservation, especially for dinner, so best not to take your chances.  I didn't make any reservations, but because we were there super early for a weekday lunch and there was practically no one else, the manager relented. 

They have weekday set lunches, which are pretty good value - one dish with rice, plus a drink.

Offer ends at end January

For starters, we ordered their popular Pomelo and Prawns Salad. 

It came loaded with loads and loads of sweet and juicy, thick chunks of pomelo - I clapped my hands in glee.  The dressing was a light, piquant combination of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury - totally yums.  Prawns were large and fresh, but you'll have to fight for it, there were only 4.

I'm not totally crazy about fusion food, so for our mains, we ordered the conventional items.  Firstly, Seafood Tom Yum, which came with a chunky piece of freshly baked baguette.  The texture of the bread was very soft, yet chewy, I love it. 

The Tom Yum soup was light and zesty, with just a light spicy kick, which was perfect for me.  I dislike those restaurants that serve their dishes with such spiciness that makes my tongue go numb, which means i can't really taste much of what i was eating thereafter. 

Looked very unassuming, doesnt it.  But there were lots of seafood
goodies hiding underneath the coriander.

The Vegetarian Green Curry was lovely - it was a nice balance of spiciness, creaminess and savoury-sweetness, without being overly pungent.  Very appetizing.  They also have it with chicken or beef.  The curry came with an accompanying bowl of rice and a side salad.


Because our eyes are always bigger than our tummies, we also ordered the Set Lunch of the day, which was Nasi Goreng Sambal with basil chicken and mango salad.

I almost dive right in when hubby said "Wait!" and proceeded to scoop out a whole spoonful of these guys..

Definitely not diced long beans!
Strawberry Flavoured Cooler - came with the set

For dessert, we ordered the Fried Glutinuos Rice with Mango Filling, comes with a generous scoop of vanilla icecream. This was pretty good - the batter was light and crispy, but it would have been so much better if the glutinous rice was softer and there is more mango filling.  

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  Prices are a bit on the high side, but the food is great and there's nice ambience.  Portions are also very decent.  We'd definitely go back again.


  1. Esther, all the dishes you ordered look pretty good. As for the Nasi Goreng Sambal, I would have walloped the green cili padi as well hah! hah!

  2. Sawadee krup!

    I like the pomelo salad! My version at home has lots of peanuts and shallots! Yum!

  3. Ooh. Does the vegetarian green curry contain fish sauce?


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