Thursday, 31 May 2012

Stir Fry Roast Pork with Chives

Chives are very aromatic, but i am not sure if the aroma is really akin to garlic, as it is commonly described.

To me it just smells flavorful, and instantly brings back memories of my mom's cooking.  

For some reason, chives seemed to be an ingredient from our childhood days but have more or less faded into oblivion today.  Most people I know said they ate chives when they were young, but how about now?  Most just shook their head.  It is neither a popular ingredient in restaurant dishes.

This dish was one of my mum's classic home made dish.  Mum was working full time when we were young, but she always made it a point to come home and cook for the family.  So we were very blessed to grow up on regular home cooked meals.  She loved roast pork (still do today), so this was one of her mix and match dishes.  A simple, but oh so yum dish!  

Stir Fry Roast Pork with Chives

Serves 2

  • 6 stems of chives, rinsed and cut into two inches long
  • 300g roast pork, cut into slices
  • 3 pip garlic, chopped
  • 1 tbs oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbs water
  • 1 tsp shao xing wine
  • 1 tsp normal cooking oil
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • Generous pinch of white pepper and some salt
1. Heat up the oils and fry the garlic until fragrant. Add the roast pork pieces and fry on high heat. 
2. Add the oyster sauce, sugar, water and wine. Toss until the pork sizzles. Add in the chives, pepper and salt to taste. Give it a couple of quick toss and serve immediately. 
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  1. I love the idea of chive and pork... I'm sure the oyster sauce really brings out the pork flavor and blends the seasoning. Nice recipe.

  2. Thanks Diane. I hopped over to your blog and your Eggplant parmesan sounds absolutely delicious, must try it one day.

  3. Oh my God! I'm so starving looking at this kind of food. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes and procedures. =)

  4. Oh my God! I'm so starving looking in this kind of food. Good thing, you shared the recipe and procedures. Thank you so much for that! =)


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