Monday, 20 May 2013

Food Review : Weekend Dinner Buffet @ Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental KL

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Sometime late last year, Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL organised a photography contest for their revamped, all-day dining restaurant called Mosaic.  I submitted four photos and were delighted to find out that three had won me some dining vouchers.

We used the vouchers on two separate occassions - the first one we brought my parents and the second occassion a dating dinner for hubs and myself.

The following photos were taken on both occassions.

The new Mosaic was refurbished in a beautiful, dramatic style - lots of bold colours, plush seating, rows and rows of brilliantly lit pendant lighting, and elaborate panelling.  It was pretty impressive.

One can choose to seat near the windows, overlooking the lawns...

Or in a cozy, private plush corner...

Or just be practical and sit right next to the food.

The spread was pretty extensive.  The good thing is, small portions are presented, so it gets replenished fast with a freshly cooked batch.  

There's the cold starter section and the cheese station.

Cheese overload.

A limited Japanese section and raw selection

Plenty of the usual suspects - sushi, oysters, sashimi salmon, tuna, butter fish,
a variety of smoked cuts, marinaded clams etc

A huge mound of smoke salmon

The Indian section

The Western hot section, which also includes the grill station

We enjoyed the food here - hubby had a nice, medium done steak;
king prawns on skewers, gourmet sausages, lamb racks etc

and some pretty good satays

The Italian pasta section

A gigantic barrel carved out of 100% aged
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  The staff told me it weighs about
50kg, and is fully shipped in from Italy

It's not just for decoration.  The cheese is actually used in cooking
the sauces for the pasta. 

The Chinese section

And finally the dessert section

Nice presentation - dainty portions of desserts displayed in glass cabinets

From top left : Sugar dusted jellies, baklavas, fresh fruits on skewers for chocolate fondue, fantastic mango sorbet with fresh berry compote, variety of cut fruits

I also like the fact that they have a list of complimentary hot drinks beyond just normal coffee and tea.  You can choose from mocha, hot chocolate, latte, cappucino, teh tarik and a few other varieties of teas.

I was very happy with a glass of freshly brewed latte

Weekend dinner buffet prices are RM128++ for adults.
They can get pretty busy at times, so best to call ahead for reservations.


  1. This is definitely one of the best international buffets around KL. Glad to hear u enjoyed yr meal there. ;)

    1. Yes we certainly did :). These were a real treat, my parents esp were very impressed haha.

  2. What a delightful place to win coupons to! Sounds amazing and such a pretty place!

    1. The MO is a 5 star hotel so it was a nice treat to be able to enjoy some good food FOC. :)

  3. Esther, I see there's quite a variety of food to choose from. My kind of buffet!

  4. I just sigh when I saw that gigantic barrel of parmesan :D Congrats ! The place looks amazing - and the food I bet is just extraordinary !

    1. Thanks Anne! Yea that parmesan barrel was amazing. I kept gawking at it for a few seconds LOL.

  5. Would you say this is the best buffet in KL?


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