Thursday, 9 May 2013

Durian Mini Muffins - Bake Along's 2nd Anniversary

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We had a small tub of durians left, so i decided to make a cake with it.  I had originally wanted to make this Durian Yogurt Cake, but realised I didn't have yogurt and enough eggs.  Too lazy to run out to the minimart nearby, so I googled around abit and found this easy muffin recipe.

It turned out to be very nice, much to my delight.  The texture is quite light and perfectly moist, and the flavour not too rich or buttery. 

I made some changes to it - basically I AMP up the quantity of durian puree, and added extra durian puree in the centre so that you bite into creamy durian gooey in the middle!  I think this made the muffins extra special, instead of just mixing all the puree into the batter.

This will be my go-to durian muffin recipe for a very long time.  I am sure it would be good with other fillings too, like fruit compote and banana chocolate.

Durian Mini Muffins
Source: MnYfoodtalk, with some changes

Makes 12 minis 

  • 110g self raising flour, sifted (or substitute with 110g plain flour + 1/2tsp cream of tartar + 1/4 tsp bicarb soda)
  • 40g castor sugar

  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • 90ml fresh milk
  • 60g melted butter

  • 150g durian puree, divide into two portions

Peheat your oven to 170celcius.

1. Mix A together in a mixing bowl.

2. Mix B into A, whisk until just combined.  Don't overmix, else your muffin will be dense.  Just 4-5 brisk whisk will do.

3. Stir in half the durian puree into the batter.  Scoop a heap teaspoon of batter into muffin cups, gently tap the muffin pan on the kitchen counter to level the batter, then add a dollop pf durian puree at the centre of the batter, and spoon another heap teaspoon of batter ontop.

Add a dollop of durian puree into the centre before
adding the rest of the batter

4. Bake for about 15-20 min until a skewer comes out clean and the muffin tops have turned a light golden brown.  Remove from oven and let it stand on a rack for 5min, then remove all the muffins and let stand on the rack until cooled or slightly warm.

Using my trusty toaster oven to make these

Reminds me of those Chinese egg sponge cakes ("chi-tan-kau" in Mandarin)

Bite into gooey durian puree - next time I will add more!

Perfect for an afternoon tea

I am linking this post to BakeAlong's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, organised by Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids, Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, and Lena of Frozen Wings

Happy Birthday to Bake Along!



  1. Hi Esther,
    I can smell the lovely aroma from your yummy durian muffins from my laptop screen..LOL
    Love the dollop of durian paste on your muffins. I can imagine this must be really sedaplicious!!

  2. Hi Esther, it has been such a long time since i had durian muffins, yours look so moist and the extra puree in the centre really makes me want to sink my teeth into them! Drool!

  3. Hi Esther,
    Delightful muffins! There's treasure in the centre! These would be a hit with my durian loving family!
    Thank you for linking to Bake-Along!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wahh got durian puree in the centre somemore, niceeeee!

  5. These sound absolutely delicious with the durians in the middle!

  6. I bet durian lovers out there are drooling over those muffins :D Not me though , don't like durian :P :D But they sure look terrific , the muffins not durians lol

  7. i can see the gooey durian puree! i'm just okay towards durians but love them more in bakes! Thanks for baking along with us and have a lovely weekend!

  8. I was talking to my children what durian is this evening! :D I've only tried once a while ago but I don't remember how it tasted like!! >_< Would love to eat these muffins!

  9. Love the durian paste in this muffin, sound so good! Happy Mother's Day to you .

  10. Esther , just passing by to say , Belated Happy Mother's Day !!!!

  11. Oh yum! Esther, I am a durian lover and anything with durian I like a lot!

  12. Hi Esther,

    Sad that I'm one of the odd persons who don't really appreciate durians :p

    Like this muffin recipe. This looks very versatile for different fruity variations.



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