Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A overnighter at Westin KL

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Part of our Starwood membership is a complimentary one night stay at the Westin KL.  We had pre-booked this months earlier, forgotten all about it and then was reminded of it by a courtesy email the hotel sent - thank goodness!  

We did an early check in, and got a spacious room on the 30th floor (Starwood Preferred Guest floor) and then proceeded to Prego for a bite.   

Hubby and I had previously dined at Prego a few months ago but found the food disappointing.  Thankfully this time round, the meal turned out much better.  We ordered mostly familiar food - spaghetti bolognese, turkey ham and prawn pizza, steak fries, and a treat - lobster bisque.

The standard appetiser at Prego is this huge rock-like loaf,  but don't be fooled, the crusty exterior belies a pillowy soft interior, and freshly baked, accompanied by tomato salsa.  

The lobster bisque had loads of goodies - mussels, prawns and some chunky pieces of lobster claw meat.  

The spaghetti was great, fries were totally awesome, and the pizza only so-so.

A nice meal overall, plus two bonuses - we only pay half price with our starwood card, and my son got a serving of cookies-and-cream gelato on the house.

I just had to show you these two cuties.  We couldn't finish the huge serving of steak fries, so I asked for it to be packed so we could take it to the poolside for my son to munch on later.  They thoughtfully packed these two miniature bottles of ketchup with the fries. 

So cute! Only half the length of my Iphone.

Since it was still early afternoon, we proceeded to the pool. 

There's a kid's splash pool, a wading pool as well as the adult pool.

No more waving frantically at the pool staff for their attention.
Just press the CALL button on the side table next to every deck chair.
A big popsicle ice-box

So this is how you chill large number of popsicles at one go ;)

The hotel has nice little touches throughout, like the fruit flavoured ice cold drinks dispenser and baskets of green apples everywhere.

Next to the poolside is the Westin Kid's Splash Cafe, where they have birthday parties for children.  My son was the only kid around at that time, and the staff thoughtfully made a cotton candy floss for him.  His first time tasting a candy floss!  (Of course mummy allowed him only two small bites, whilst the rest went into the bin - discreetly :P)

Our room was huge, with the Westin signature Heavenly Bed, a daybed and double doors to a huge bathroom, with separate showers and tub.

I didn't exactly had a heavenly sleep, but the bed was comfortable.  My son happily slept through on the daybed.  

Service was excellent; staff were courteous everywhere and acknowledge you with a smile and polite remark.  We asked for a late checkout at 2pm and it was smoothly processed.  None of that petty "sorry ma'am, we only allow up till 1pm late checkout".

The location of Westin makes it perfect for some snooty branded shopping - if that's what you are into.  Starhill is just next door, and Pavilion right opposite.

I'm not into brands at all, so we went across to Pavilion more for a look-see-look-see and to have dinner at the expensive foodcourt. 

The  next morning, breakfast at The Living Room was a relaxed, cozy affair.  Decent variety, and lovely presentation. Serving staff was very efficient and courteous.  Each table has their own carafe of hot tea and coffee, so you never need to call for refills.  Nice :)

The cold section

The bread and pastries section - I had a feast with my eyes :P

Freshly made yogurt and muesli section

Gourmet sausages

A real honeycomb

My son's breakfast choices

I was pleasantly surprised to find chuko idako (marinaded baby octopus)

Lotsa such dainty portions of cold appetizers

I love how they serve fresh juices in these small bottles.  I had like 7!

Virgin Bloody Mary, anyone?

Overall, it was a very enjoyable stay for us.  The service was generally impeccable; the attention to details and the thoughtfullness of the staff makes it that much better. 


  1. Ooo I like the pool area. Looks like my kids will have fun here!

  2. Hi Esther,

    Everything in your stay at Westin, KL sounds so posh and well-thought. I like the miniature tomato sauce the best... Being so small, it looks very cute!


  3. Esther, that was a luxurious stay! And oh, love the cute ketchup bottles :)

  4. Esther,
    Once a while pampers ourselves with a posh and enjoyable stay is great right :D
    I would do the same as you if my kids are given a cotton candy hehe


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