Monday, 12 November 2012

Food Review : Buffet Lunch @ Le Meridien, KL

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Yes, we went for another buffet again.  And yes, it was using our Starwood voucher again :P.  This time we decided to try Le Meridien's all day dining venue, Latest Recipe.

We had initially wanted to go for a weekday lunch, but they were fully booked for three days in a row, and the nearest available day was on Sunday.  So that's when we went.

Perhaps it was the start of the year end school holidays, which coincided with some consecutive public holidays, so the restaurant was not packed when we arrived.  There was a decent crowd, but not crowded that you had to queue for your food. 

Latest Recipe has a funky, contemporary decor, with a colourful theme of green, yellow and beech brown.  We liked the ambience, with lots of glass panel throwing natural light into the place.  The food stations are arranged in a circular direction, with plenty of variety to choose from.

Hubby and I brought our son and my mum for this, so we used our complimentary voucher for the both of us, and used my member card to get 50% for my mum and son's meal.  

For the price of 108++ per adult (children 5-12 yo is half price), you will get the usual "premium" items such as fresh oysters, chilled prawns, mussels, sashimi.  These were very good - I had quite a few servings.

They are not stingy - these are constantly being refilled.

There was also the noodle station, chicken rice and dim sum, pasta station where you get to choose your condiments, types of pasta and sauces and have it cooked on the spot for you.

Noodle station, chicken rice and dim sum

I tried a tiny bowl of laksa - not bad.

The indian station - I was pleasantly suprised to find a very decent spread of popular indian dishes.  The tandoori prawns and butter chicken curry were particularly good.

Indian station

Mum and I enjoyed the hot mains section - the lamb provencale was excellent. 

Hot mains station


These blackberries were very sweet

Sweet, juicy vine ripened tomatoes - I had two, yummy.

Definitely not cherry tomato size. These were about the size of plums.

My favourite station (and hubby's too) was the teppanyaki station.  I asked for beef teppanyaki, and look what I was served.

These were superb! The most tender, juiciest fillet beef i have had in a very long time.  I asked the chef what cut was the meat, and he said they were Australian rump and topside.  Certainly not the best cut - and you wouldn't expect it to be anyway for a buffet; but boy, they were well tenderised, fresh and full of flavour.  We couldn't resist a 2nd plate.  

Hubby said he could even finish a third plate if I had asked for it.  But I was absolutely stuffed.  It was time for dessert.

From top left, descending : Coconut jelly - very refreshing; duku langsat
- sweet and juicy, choc icecream
From top right, descending : Rockmelon - very sweet too, yeasted almond cake, savoiardi with chocolate sauce

I missed having freshly cooked waffles.  This was excellent - the batter was light, crispy and warm. Drizzle with maple sauce and melted butter - divine!

Look at how pretty these were.  Skewers of fruits for the chocolate fondue.  My son was delighted with these.  Before we even made it to our table to be seated, he had already took one skewer of strawberry, dipped it into the fondue and popped the fruit into his mouth ;)


Reminds me of LV's iconic window display in Hong Kong.

Feasting on chocolate fondue - kid's style!

I love this - pull out boxes of toppings for icecream. 
There must be about 20 different types of toppings.  Cool!

Verdict : Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience.  Good variety and very decent quality.  Hubby said he wouldn't mind coming back for the beef teppanyaki and the sashimi.  Me too, plus the waffles - Mmmm!

Prices for the weekend buffet lunch is RM108++ for adults and RM59++ for children 5-12 years old (without Starwood discount).

Pork free.

Parking : first two hours is RM8 flat, subsequently RM5 per hour. 



  1. the waffles! I love the waffles! I must have them every time I go there.

  2. It's good isn't it?! how many times have you been there Enoch??

  3. Thank you for the review - will definitely consider this place on our next visit to Malaysia :) XX Anna Chong

  4. I'm totally full and satisfied just by looking at the photographs. :)

    1. Hey singapore buffets are good...i'm looking fwd to indulging this Christmas.

  5. I've never been there altho. Quite a good spread and for the price of it, I'm sure it's quality as well.

  6. Hi Esther, thanks for leaving messages in my blog earlier. I like the salmon & tuna sashimi there! And also the waffle! It's unusual to see waffle being served in buffet!


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