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Food review: New menu at Elegantology, Publika

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Two weekends ago, I received an invitation from the kind folks at Elegantology to attend a sneak preview of their relaunch. 

The original concept of Elegantology is to marry retail fashion (supporting local designers) and food together in an elegant setting, where one can indulge in a good quality meal and do some fashion shopping at the same time under one roof.  According to Elegantology's affable operations director Mr Ric Bische,  Elegantology has just underwent some major renovations to create a more comfortable and spacious layout.

Soak in a setting of casual French boudoir

This relaunch aims to position the dining aspect at the forefront, helmed by executive chef Pele Kuah.  We had the pleasure to dine on some finely crafted dishes that showcases much planning, creativity and respect for good food from Chef Pele and his team.

The open kitchen concept allows one to view the kitchen in action

Our tasting menu for the day.  Elegantology's food is French Asian fusion.  

Reflecting its Martel legacy is the list of alcoholic cocktails.

Try their signature cocktails - each with a good 30ml shot of VSOP in it

An unusual rendition of Charcoal Brioche with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.  
Love the soft and buttery texture of the buns.

Appetizer 1: Salmon Confit 42 Celcius with Fennel Puree (RM40).

The 42 celcius came from the fact that the salmon was cooked sous vide at 42 degrees celcius until it reaches a melt-in-the-mouth texture, giving a very unusual but delightful mouthfeel from the usual salmon fillet texture.  I've never been a fan of fennel, but that simple stroke of a fennel puree on the side made me fell in love with this often-overlooked herb.

The presentation reflects a garden with the sprinkling of olive powder to resemble soil.  Now you're getting the idea of the level of creative sophistication in their new menu. I'm getting excited already.  

Lemongrass Consomme (RM40)

This light consomm√© hints at delicate flavours of tom yam, with vegetable pearls and a solitary lobster ravioli.  Veering on the side of being bland, it served as an excellent palate cleanser for the stronger flavours of the main dishes to come.

24 hour Sous Vide Lamb Ribs (RM80)

Hands down, these were the best ribs I've had.  Chef Pele explained that these are not the usual cut of ribs but were Denver ribs, which is a premium cut.  Cooked sous vide for 24 hours, the texture was a perfect balance of tenderness yet retaining that slight chewiness, so one still gets the pleasure of mastication.

One new thing I learned here from Chef Pele - seafood goes great with lamb, as evident of the ribs here being served on a dash of mussel ragout.

Soya Glazed Cod (RM84)

The lamb ribs raised our expectations and we waited eagerly for the next dish.  This Soya Glazed Cod didn't disappoint at all.  Full of flavour, coupled with the silky yuzu tobiko butter sauce, this dish was a star.  An interesting note was the addition of local ingredient using paku to liven up the dish.     

Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast (RM85)

A well executed presentation, the duck was flavourful and tender, with none of that gamey smell or aftertaste.  Paired with cherry red wine reduction, watercress emulsion (another example of using local ingredients) and finished off with a slab of creamy foie gras, we couldn't find any fault with this dish.

Dessert - Chilled Cheese cake (RM30)

Don't be fooled by the simple description.  Apparently, the sous chef was hired because of his interpretation of this classic dessert.  It has a smooth and silky texture, almost tofu like, with a creamy cheesy flavour that is not overwhelming.  The fruity addition cuts through any cloying aftertaste from the dairy content.

Overall, we enjoyed this dining experience - sophisticated ambience and high quality, immaculately presented good food.  The meal is not cheap by any means, but really, you get what you pay for.  They also have a great value Set Lunch starting from RM30++ and Set Dinner from RM50++ per pax.

Elegantology Gallery and Restaurant
Address: Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, KL.
Tel: 03.6206.5577
Opening hours: 10am-11om daily

Whilst the invitation for this food review came from Elegantology, the opinions are solely the writer's own.

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