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Food Review: Angelina's Signature Cakes and Cafe

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The café - just a stone's throw away from the new Atria, same row with Dominoes Pizza

If you have ever been on the lookout for gorgeous, custom order wedding or birthday cakes, chances are you'd come across the name Angelina Skelchy. 

Since 2005, celebrity baker Angelina has been delighting her customers with specially designed, freshly baked cakes that practically takes your breath away. Besides special occasion, custom designed cakes, her other speciality items also include tea cakes such as sugee, chocolate, marble, tiramisu etc.

Range of cakes available at the cafe

In February this year Angelina Signature Cakes and Cafe was birthed; a culmination of a mother-daughter partnership between Angelina and her mother. Both ladies join arms to helm the kitchen in their own specialised areas – Angelina with her gorgeous sweet treats and her mother with her authentic Portugese Eurasian recipes handed down from generations.

We swung by recently on a Sunday evening for an early dinner. Given that it was just slighly over 5pm, the cafe was empty of diners. The décor was casual and modern, with soft instrumental music in the background.

Casual and modern decor

Unfortunately, except for two model kid's theme cakes, none of Angelina's gorgeous, custom order wedding cakes were on display. According to Angelina, she has been so busy getting things off the ground for the cafe that she has not had the time to make some sample models; which was understandably so.

Model of a custom order cake based on a forest theme – just look at the attention to details!

Doggie theme cake – One for the doggie lovers!

In the meantime, there are a stack of photo albums at the counter for customers to browse through snapshots of those signature cakes.

According to Angelina, the menu is still a work-in-progress. Selection is rather limited and they are testing some recipe variations for customer feedback. Nevertheless, most of their signature items are available.

We zoomed in on the chef's two specialities – Angelina Debal Curry and Oxtail Stew. Both dishes did not let us down. The debal curry (or sometimes called Devil Curry) comes with two chunky pieces of chicken, doused in a light yet amazingly aromatic gravy. Because there's no coconut milk used, the dish is not cloying. The balance of light yet richly spiced gravy goes great with the accompanying steam rice. I also enjoyed the fact that the spiciness is not lip numbing but has just that light spicy bite to it.

Debal Curry (RM20), rich yet not cloying, and wonderfully appetizing

The most expensive item on the menu, the Oxtail Stew is worth every cent. Braised to such tenderness that the meat literally fall off the bone, it was accompanied by two scoops of creamy potato mash. Angelina uses good cuts of the oxtail as each piece of meat is chunky and well seasoned. The gravy is full of rich beefy flavours. It would have scored a 10 on my list if it comes with some crusty bread to mop up all those yummy sauce!

Oxtail Stew; Perfect comfort food, full of rich beefy flavours (RM38)

We also ordered two other dishes – the Chicken Rendang and Braised Pork. This Malay rendition of Chicken Rendang takes on a more pungent flavour and is slightly spicier than the Debal Curry. Once again, the dish came with two generous chunk of chicken meat (drumstick and thigh). One portion of steam rice is really not enough!

Chicken Rendang (RM20) – two large pieces of tender chicken, bathed in a gravy of wonderfully aromatic spices and coconut milk. As good as any good chicken rendang, I'd say!

I must say that the side portion of acar that accompanies the dish was excellent. Perfectly chilled, tangy, slightly spicy and sweet, with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts, Angelina's acar was one of the best I've had so far.

The last dish was Chinese Braised Pork with a side portion of steam rice and stir fry cabbage. The gravy tasted very light, veering almost to the point of being bland; but that would perhaps be due to the fact that we started off with dishes with much heavier flavours. The slices of pork belly was nicely tender, with a side of a half boiled egg. Definitely a kid friendly dish.

Decent version of a chinese braised pork (RM16)

You can't leave Angelina's cafe without indulging in some of her gorgeous cakes. We happened to mention in our conversation that it was our son's birthday, and Angelina graciously served us a slice of her popular Chocolate Moist cake on the house. Served warm, the cake was indeed fabulous. The texture was light yet rich, and the ganache on top was just the right balance of sweetness and creaminess. Simple, perfect execution.

Chocolate Moist Cake (RM11)

Angelina's signature cakes and cafe is a great choice for a meal of down-to-earth Portugese/Western food and/or just catching up with a friend over a cuppa and some delicious cakes. Whilst prices are a little on the premium side, you can be assured that the ingredients are of good quality. They open daily from 11am – 9pm, except Thursdays.

Angelina Signature Cakes and Cafe. Address: 64, SS22/25, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03.7733.7853 / 016.225.6625. Opening hours: 11am – 9pm, exccept Thursdays. GPS 3.1166085, 101.6230028. Non Halal.

*This article was first published on Hungrygowhere Malaysia HERE

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