Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hotel Review: Hilton KL Sentral

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Sometime in June, we utilised our complimentary room voucher at the Hilton KL Sentral.  These one night city "staycations" are a good break for us to get-away from the daily routine yet without having to do the long drives.  

Hubby and I have always prefer modern/contemporary designed hotels over more traditional-themed decors, so the Hilton KL suited us to a T.  I love our ultra modern room - it was on the Executive Floor, reserved for Hilton Honors guests.  The room was very spacious, with a humonguous bathroom - with separate tub, standing shower, separate toilet cubicle, and two sliding wardrobe sections. 

Super king bed, with a long daybed sofa at the left hand side, just nice for my son to sleep on.

There's even a folding seat in the standing shower area. 

The tub functions as a jacuzzi as well

Good quality toiletries.

Remember to bring your own water, or just use the kettle

View of the Aloft Hotel right opposite our room. 
That's the rooftop pool in between the two trees.

After settling our stuffs in the room, it's time to check out the pool.
My sweet boy arranging our slippers to wear to the pool :)

Because the  Hilton KL and the Le Meridien are connecting hotels,
the pool also runs in an elongated design spanning the two hotels.

There's a gentle snaking slide that the kids love.

The Hilton end of the pool

I must say this gym is the most impressive of all the hotel gyms
I've ever seen.  It is HUGE, and well equipped.

The changing rooms are even more impressive. 
The Hilton changing rooms are designed like a spa salon, with not just the changing cubicles and wash rooms, but they also have relaxation/reading rooms like the above, a sauna and jacuzzi rooms.

Aromatherapy oils, and other toiletries.  Maybe I should
consider switching my gym membership to here ;P


We decided to use the meal voucher for dinner instead of breakfast the next day (so we could sleep in and enjoy the room a bit longer :P). 

Dinner was buffet style at the Vasco's (formerly called Sudu).  As with all buffets, it can be a hit-and-miss affair; with some good items and some so-so ones.  Here at the Vasco's, they have all the usual stations.

The Japanese section

The dim sum section and the noodle station

They had a few surprises, which made this buffet totally memorable
for hubs and me.   Like this one - durian topping on hot waffles!
And it was VERY good!!

Freshly baked madeleines

Lescure butter?!  Needless to say, I couldnt resist,
especially with their freshly baked ham, cheese and capsicum bread rolls. 

Hubby walloped so many of these, he said they were super fresh and juicy.

And so the next day we skipped breakfast and had a light lunch
at Iketeru, the Hilton's Japanese restaurant.  You walk through
a cave-like tunnel and emerged into a Japanese garden with
streams and pools, leading to the restaurant.  Very pretty.


  1. What a nice getaway, Esther! It is a really good idea to stay at a hotel close to home for a mini vacation.

  2. Stayed there once and we enjoyed it too. Big, spacious and comfortable room.


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