Sunday 24 June 2012

Nourishing Soups and Teas - Post #2 : Snow Pear Soup with Almond Seeds and White Fungus

Snow Pear is one of the juiciest fruit ever.  When you bite into it, the juice literally spurts out.  It is also a very cooling fruit.  When boiled as a soup together with the right type of herbal ingredients, it is very nourishing especially on the lungs and the entire respiratory tract.   This soup is also mild enough to be served to children. 

I boiled this with the main intention to minimise coughing, resolve phlegm, and nourish the lungs.  So there are several ingredients that are specifically for this purpose:

1.  white fungus - nourish the lungs

2.  almond seeds (combination of sweet and bitter almonds) - moisten the lungs (thus minimising dry coughs) and reduce the production of phlegm

3.  dried fritillaria bulbs, grounded into powder form (chuan pei mu powder) - dissolve phlegm, strengthen the lungs and clear body heat.  This is specifically used to treat chronic dry coughs with thick phlegm which is difficult to expectorate. 

4.  dried whole (flattened) tangerine - nourish the lungs and respiratory tract

5. dried figs - moisten the lungs and relieve coughing

As with all tonic soups, this is best served warm, preferably just before bedtime. 

Snow Pear Soup with Almond Seeds and White Fungus
Serves 3 - 4

  • 1 snow pear - skin on, cored and cut into 8 pieces
  • Almond seeds, a small handful
  • dried fritillaria bulbs - grounded and packed into 1 muslin bag, approx 9g
  • 1 dried flattened tangerine
  • 10 dried figs
  • 3 small pieces of dried white fungus, soaked in water for 1 hour and snipped into small pieces
  • 3 honey dates
  • 4 large red dates, pitted
  • 1 small piece of rock sugar
  • 750ml water

1.  Put the pear slices into the slow cooker.

2.  Rinse the almond seeds, dates, figs and dried tangerine.  Add into the slow cooker, together with the muslin bag of ground fritillaria bulbs, and rock sugar.

From twelve o'clock, clockwise : 1) muslin packed ground
dried fritillaria bulbs; 2) dried figs; 3) honey dates; 4) rock sugar;
5) dried tangerine; 6) pitted red dates; 7) dried white fungus;
8) sweet and bitter almonds (center)

From left: All 9 ingredients; dried figs; almond seeds; dried tangerine

3.  Boil the water and pour into the slow cooker, cover and set to High.  Once the soup is boiling, turn down the heat to Medium or Low, and let simmer for 1.5hours.  Turn off the heat and let the soup steep for another 30 min before serving warm.   

I used "big brother" (regular size) to boil this soup.  "Little brother" was used to boil the bird nest soup (previous post).  

Note:  For children under 6 years old, the recommended portion for this soup is half a rice bowl, and 1 rice bowl for those between 7 - 10 years old.


  1. This tong sui is very good for health..Your put a lot of ingredients, must be very rich and yummy!

  2. Hi Sonia, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, i went for the overkill and made this very potent!

  3. Nelvin, this will knock your socks off :)

  4. Just curious, your "big brother" slow cooker is how many liter?

  5. For adult how much can we drink ?

    1. This drink is very "light" so there's no issue of drinking it regularly as a nourishing drink - say once a week or once a fortnight. If coughing, drink it once every other day.


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